PowerUp Health

Discord community & stream team inspiring gamers to live healthy


Our Mission

Inspire fellow gamers and community members to make positive changes in their life, specifically relating to their health, both physically and mentally. Good health allows you to focus on your game, have increased stamina for gaming sessions, and live a happier, more productive life. Raise your Game & #PwrUp!

Giving Back

The PowerUp Health community has streaming events for charitable organizations throughout the year including the American Red Cross, ExtraLife and the JDRF (type 1 diabetes research). We hope to do even more charity streams with Team PowerUp during 2018. We have also partnered with TechniSport who gives 3% of all purchases back to charity including military veterans, hunger in America, breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, autism in children, alzheimer's disease, disaster relief and lou gehrig's disease (ALS).

Our Community

We chat about video games, geeky culture & most importantly, healthy lifestyles. Here you can find a place to share your health journey, favorite recipes, snaps of what you are eating, go to fitness routines, or simply to find inspiration to lead a healthier lifestyle. You'll also find articles to read and videos to watch related to nutrition, fitness, and mental health.

You can also join in 25 Day Challenge events which include small daily challenges that can make a big impact in your life and can be incorporated into daily lifelong habits to increase your health and mental well being.

Everyone has a different definition of healthy. No matter your definition, no matter if you are just thinking of getting healthier, are currently following a healthy regimen, or are as healthy as an ox - there is a place for you here. We support one another in our goals and maintain good health, there is no reason to go at it alone so join the cluster!

Our Founder & Team Leader

Lacey "FoodFluent" is a big advocate for healthy lifestyles both on and off camera. She documents her own journey on YouTube where she has over 3 million views and 14,000 subscribers following her plant-based life and meditation practice in the hopes of leading by example and encouraging others to find what works for them on their own journey. This is evident in her live streams which begin with a yoga, tai-chi or calisthenic workout viewers can follow along to, she also teaches her viewers to cook vegan, nutrient-dense lunch recipes. 

While studying nutritional science and biochemistry, Lacey decided switching to a plant-based lifestyle was simply the right thing to do to improve her overall health and well being. She chooses to meditate daily and eat plant-based for the health benefits first and foremost, and encourages others to give it a try after the success she has found from making the switch - increased natural energy, better sleep, less stress, weight loss (she lost over 30 pounds in one year), increase in overall health...the benefits are amazing! More and more gamers suffer from sedentary lifestyles, poor eating habits primarily consisting of processed convenience foods, and mental illnesses including depression and anxiety. Lacey hopes to help others feel better and live happier by being a voice of inspiration in the gaming community. 

RedLaceGaming Founder & Community Leader for PowerUp Health

Our Team Trainer

Kyle “Rukeo” is the Team Trainer for the PowerUp Health community and official streamer for Team PowerUp. He is an Army Intel NCO and Master Fitness Trainer who is an extreme fitness hobbyist, sponsored by GamerSupps. He loves playing video games (World of Warcraft is his current favorite and Halo 2 is his all-time favorite) and working with other nerds such as himself to get into a healthy lifestyle while gaming together on PC and Xbox. He enjoys the positive energy from the PowerUp community and the love and support everyone shows towards each other!! [Watch 'Meet our Team Trainer Rukeo' on YouTube]

Kyle creates a fitness video series for PowerUp called 'Rise Up with Rukeo'. In this series, he demonstrates how to properly perform exercises at the gym or at home to get in better shape. Videos also offer fitness routines someone of almost any fitness level can follow along to, often with variations to make movements more difficult for those at higher fitness levels.