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Discord community & stream team inspiring gamers to live healthy

Team PowerUp Applicant Checklist


We are honored you have chosen to apply for Team PowerUp! We consider ourselves an elite stream team filled with professional, inspiring streamers and thus we have a high entry bar. 93% of our Team members have more than 500 followers, 70% have over 1,000 followers, 25% are Partnered Streamers and 71% host charity event streams. Our growth game is also high, 51% of our Team members gain over 100 followers each month.

If you don’t get accepted the first time you apply, we encourage you to reapply in thirty days. There is no limit on the number of times you can apply with us.


Mixer/Twitch Followers


Twitter Followers


New Followers Per Month


Things you can do to prepare for applying to Team PowerUp

I meet minimum qualifications, why wasn’t I approved?

We personally review each application we receive. Meeting our minimum qualifications will move your application into phase 2, the review process, which includes watching your streams, browsing your VODs (be sure these are enabled on your account), and reviewing your social media activity. We will also conduct an interview over Discord. In addition to our minimum qualifications, we seek streamers who are;

  • Advocates for healthy lifestyles, leading by example both on and off stream
  • Incorporating healthy habits into live streams
  • Has personal health goals you are actively trying to achieve or maintain
  • Positive, friendly and interactive streams
  • Professional quality streams (high quality video, audio, and lighting if using a camera)
  • Experienced streamers (have been streaming for at least 3 months)
  • Established branding (logo and/or avatar, color scheme and channel theme)
  • Consistency within your streams, branding, bios, and has a streaming schedule
  • Active and supportive on Twitter with regular posts
  • Actively participates in our Discord community

What does it mean to promote a healthy lifestyle & be a positive role model?

Team PowerUp promotes healthy habits on stream in many different ways, which aligns with our mission to inspire gamers to live healthy. On stream, this can vary and depends on what your focus is – we encourage you to get creative. For example, the fitness enthusiast may include IRL workouts or interactive workout buttons. The avid cook may whip up healthy meals or web shows to discuss nutrition. Ultimately, be inspiring! 

Being a positive role model might mean participating in charity streams to support a cause that is close to your heart or leading by example.

“Tell me what you did today and I’ll tell you who you are.” – unknown

Off-stream you can help people find motivation through social media posts, spread positive vibes, share your journey, or be an advocate for causes you believe in.

If you smoke, vape, or drink alcohol, please refer to our FAQ for these topics as we have a strict no smoking/vaping on stream policy.

Do I have to be fit or in-shape to be on Team PowerUp?

We do not discriminate for any reason and your chance of getting on the Team is just as good as anyone elses no matter your level of physical fitness or appearance.

If fitness is a concern of yours, we hope to be an inspiration. Our Discord community is a supportive and informative place that can help you reach your goals. You can share your journey from small progress updates to big milestones in a judgement-free environment. Some of our Team members share their journey on stream and are a voice of inspiration to others to take positive action and get healthy.

How can I be more engaging?

The easiest thing you can do is chat with your viewers, greeting new followers and trying to engage in a conversation with your audience. If your chat is quiet, maybe you have a lot of lurkers or not many people are watching, keep the conversation going! Talk about your game, what you are thinking in-game about doing next or why you decided to pick up that sniper rifle and drop your fully loaded SMG. Think about it like radio, dead air is never good. Many people are listening to your stream and lurking. If there is nothing to listen to, they are likely to move on to someone else who is engaging. 

How can I increase interaction in my streams?

Set-up an interactive board for your stream so your viewers can spend their Sparks (earned by watching/streaming on Mixer) to make things happen. These interactive boards’ help your audience feel involved in your stream and can participate, even if they aren’t in-game with you.

Button suggestions include informational buttons and fun buttons such as sound clips or on screen GIFs. A good place to get started with fun buttons is reaction, think emotes but a step further, a way for your viewers to express emotions to what is happening in your stream. Many Team PowerUp streamers also have buttons related to healthy living (water reminders, stretch reminders, workouts, inspiring quotes, etc.)

We recommend Firebot & Scorpbot for their fully loaded features. Soundwave Interactive is another good choice as it is easiest of the three to set-up, but is more limited in that it only can play sounds.

How can I make my stream more professional looking?

Use overlays and on-screen alerts to give a professional look to your stream. Usually with overlays, think the simpler the better. Highlight your name, social media links, sponsor logos with codes, etc. Choose a color scheme and style that reflects your channel and your personality. Another good thing to have in an overlay is the most recent follower/subscriber/donation/host which can be done with text (such as StreamLabels or StreamJar) and positioned where you want in your overlay. Or you can opt for a simple event list that rotates out a number of items for most recent events.

If you stream direct from console, don't be discouraged that this isn't an option, because it is 100% possible! You can use overlays when streaming directly from your Xbox console to Mixer using Lightstream.

Invest in a camera. Many people like to see the streamers face as it makes them feel more connected to you and they are more likely to engage. Some streamers find success without every going in front of a camera but that is less common. To take it a step further, use a green screen to have a more polished and professional look, while also boosting your screen real estate for the game. We recommend TheWebAround green screens (use code ‘PWRUP’ to save 10%), they are fuss free, affordable, instant background solutions. Whether you have a green screen or not, make sure you have good lighting on you during your stream. If you are not using a green screen, choose a decent backdrop and adjust your camera frame so it is focused on you. Utilize your screen real estate, people want to see you, but they also want to see the game.

How can I better establish my brand?

As a streamer, you are creating a brand (you and your channel) and a community of your own around your brand. You should have a consistent look across all your social media and on-stream. This includes your color scheme and overall channel theme. Think of how you would describe yourself in one sentence and try to match your branding to that statement. You might also consider getting a logo or avatar designed to represent you.

Use the same profile photo on all social media platforms. If people are trying to find you, and you have a different image on every platform, they might not recognize it as being your official page and choose not to follow you thinking they hit the wrong page. Be consistent, and try not to change your profile photo every week. If you do change it, be sure to change it EVERYWHERE.

Write a meaningful bio. Your Mixer and/or Twitch bio has plenty of room for you to express yourself to your viewers and let them get to know you, see your schedule (especially useful if they hit your page when you are offline), find links relevant to you, chat rules, etc. Your bio should match your branding on-stream (same color scheme and style). Again, be consistent and make mini versions of your bio for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or wherever else you might be. These may just be text bios but should reflect the same vibe as your full bio.

As a streamer, how can I engage in social media more effectively?

Post regularly. In the world of social media, if you don't post, people forget about you. Put your name in front of people by posting regularly about things relevant to you. As a streamer, post your schedule, announce when your stream is going live, thank people for spending time watching your stream once it ends, etc.

Use hashtags (i.e. #PwrUp #MixerStreamer, #Gamer, etc.) relevant to your post to increase traffic. Tag people when it feels appropriate to do so (i.e. @powerup_health) so people know you mentioned them and can interact. Which brings me to my next point...

Network with others! Retweet or share content you like, comment on other people’s posts, and follow people or brands you want to connect with. Show your interest and build your network. This also includes watching other peoples streams and connecting with other streamers offline. Making friends with other streamers is the best thing you can do. Get to know your peers, learn from each other, help each other grow and if you vibe well; consider a co-stream on Mixer to bring your communities together which can be mutually beneficial, and fun!

How can I be active in the PowerUp Discord community?

Chat with us, post regularly, share stories, share photos, be friendly! We want to get to know you and we hope you want to get to know us. The best way to do this is to chat, browse around our various channels, see what we have to offer and participate.

Our community is focused on healthy living and gaming – and whether you are on the Team or a community Member, our community is always open to you. It is a great place to find friends to game with, be inspired to live healthy, learn about fitness and nutrition, find content to watch (from both Team PowerUp and PowerUp Health community members), and participate in healthy challenge events, charity events & more!

How can I get more involved with the Team?

Watch our streams and see what we are all about. Find us on Mixer and Twitch

Get to know our stream team members, chat with them, and if you like what you see feel free to follow. Host when you feel like supporting our members too, we appreciate it. You can also interact with us on social media, ALL our members are on Twitter. If you are looking to chat outside of stream, you can connect with Team PowerUp and the PowerUp Health community members on our Discord – we always love a good chat and meeting new people.