PowerUp Health

Discord community & stream team inspiring gamers to live healthy


How can I be part of the PowerUp Health community?

It is as simple as joining our Discord community, everyone is welcome. discord.gg/JAYyWX2

PowerUp is a supportive, judgement free environment. We NEVER discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, disability, illness, sexual orientation, personal appearance or size. This applies to our community members and Team PowerUp applicants. 

Do I have to be healthy to be a part of the community?

No. Everyone has a different definition of healthy. No matter your definition, no matter if you are just thinking of getting healthier, are currently following a healthy regimen, or are as healthy as an ox - there is a place for you here. We support one another in our goals and maintain good health, there is no reason to go at it alone so join the cluster! 

How can I incorporate healthy habits into my live streams?

Many of the Team PowerUp streamers promote healthy habits on stream, and in many different ways. Some perform work outs when commands are triggered (push-ups, burpies, squats, etc.), others have reminders to drink water or get up for a stretch break at timed intervals, and some simply encourage positive behavior and healthy habits while streaming. Find what works for you and try it out!

Why can't I vape on stream? Vaping isn't the same as smoking so what is so bad about it?

While it is recognized that vaping is safer than traditional smoking, the use of nicotine is habit-forming and studies suggest that inhaling the drug via e-cigs or vaporizers "vaping" may contribute to heart disease. Also there is evidence that it can deliver some toxic stuff too, such as formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), nitrosamines (linked to cancer) and lead (a neurotoxin). Vaping and smoking does not align with PowerUp's mission to promote healthy habits.

What is Team PowerUp's policy regarding drinking on stream?

If you are of legal drinking age, drinking alcohol may offer some health benefits, especially for your heart according to Mayo Clinic. On the other hand, alcohol may not benefit everyone who drinks it and too much alcohol may increase your risk of health problems and damage your heart. For some, it's safest to avoid alcohol altogether as the benefits don't outweigh the risks. PowerUp does not encourage drinking. If you do, please drink responsibly and consider drinking from a solid colored container. Drunk streams, partying on cam, or taking shots of hard alcohol in exchange for subscribers/donations/etc. does not align with PowerUp's mission to promote healthy habits and is against Mixer Rules of User Conduct (ToS) and Twitch Community Guidelines.

What is Team PowerUp's policy regarding bullying?

PowerUp promotes a healthy community space that is a safe place for all, free of bullying behavior. Please read our Anti-Bullying Policy for more information.

Why do I need 100 Twitter followers to be eligible for the stream team?

Being a member of Team PowerUp means being a member of a team and community as well. We support each others streams, lift each other up when we need a little extra motivation, and celebrate when one of us crushes milestone goals or achieves something great. We have a minimum Twitter follower qualification to ensure our Team mates can support each other and grow together. 

Looking to connect with Team PowerUp streamers on Twitter? Follow each of our members here: twitter.com/PowerUp_Health/lists/team-powerup

My application wasn't approved for Team PowerUp, can I apply again?

Yes, you can apply with us again in thirty (30) days if you meet Team Eligibility Criteria. We also encourage applicants to continue streaming and be active in the PowerUp Health community.

Can I make a donation?

PowerUp accepts pledges through our Patreon page HERE. In exchange for your pledge, which can be any amount you want starting as little as $1, you will receive benefits in return (listed on our Patreon) after your payment processes. You can choose to continue with a monthly pledge, or a one-time "donation". You can also edit your pledge at any time, follow these instructions HERE. PowerUp does not provide refunds on pledges.

How do I get access to my Discord rewards for being a Patron?

If you have pledged on Patreon, you have access to Discord rewards. To get these rewards, you will need to link your Discord and Patreon accounts. You can find step-by-step INSTRUCTIONS HERE.

Can I get a job at PowerUp?

PowerUp is a not for profit organization. We accept volunteers to fill needs within our community. We are always interested in speaking with the following people to discuss opportunities;

  • Personal Trainer
  • Nutritionist
  • Life Coach
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Writer
  • Content Creator
  • Social Media Guru
  • Graphic Designer
  • Experienced Discord Moderators

If you have a genuine interest in having a more active role within our community, you can inquire about any opportunities HERE