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Play Minecraft with PowerUp

PwrUpRealm is a Minecraft Survival, hard mode, realm presented by PowerUp Health. PwrUpRealm is a vanilla server that connects players on multiple platforms through the 'Better Together' update, allowing Windows 10, Xbox One, and Pocket Edition players to play together in the same world.

Ready to play? Pledge to get access to PowerUpRealm and start playing!

This realm was created to reward those who pledge their support to PowerUp Health, a community inspiring gamers to live healthy lives. PwrUpRealm is running 24/7 and is available to PowerUp Health Patrons & Team PowerUp streamers. The realm supports 10 concurrent players.

Accessing the Realm

Realm invites are enabled for PwrUpRealm. This is a members-only realm, available to those who pledge to PowerUp Health on Patreon for at least $5/month to improve play-ability and user experience in-game. Players who join are more likely to participate in team-work, are less likely to grief, and those who may grief or violate rules forfeit their access to the realm.

To view your invite, check your account on Patreon in your message inbox. Invites may take up to 24 hours to send to new Patrons or until your payment is processed.

Realm Rules

Players are expected to follow server rules: 

  • No griefing! Zero tolerance policy
  • No sharing of server login information or attempts to invite friends or login from multiple accounts
  • No AFK farms of any kind. 
  • No Victim Policy is enforced (see below).
  • All players must follow server etiquette (see below).

If you abuse your realm privileges, play unsportsmanlike, violate realm rules or disobey realm etiquette, privileges may be revoked. Respect the Moderators and Admins at all times. 

Realm Etiquette

Basic player decency is expected, all players are to follow realm etiquette:

  • Respect other players, their builds & property. DO NOT take anything that doesn't belong to you.
  • Respect community spaces & replant community crops after harvesting.
  • Breed community animals before slaughter.
  • Do not infringe on your neighbor's personal space.
  • Do not take someones animal or boat for a ride without asking.
  • Do not remove someone else’s bed (it may remove their spawn point)
  • Do not remove items from a furnace that are not yours.
  • Do not destroy or mine a Mob Spawner that is owned by another player or that you did not find naturally in the world.
  • Take measures to protect your valuable loot (i.e. Ender Chests, Shulker Box in your player inventory for a larger backpack, Hidden Rooms, etc.).

No-Victim Policy

PowerUp staff will be monitoring the realm and players. What we will NOT be monitoring is players loot and we have a "no victim policy". What this means is that we will not be entertaining reports of players being victim to someone stealing their loot. We have no way of proving theft, therefore no way of enforcing it. Each player is responsible for taking measures to protect their valuables as best they can.

If you have valuables in-game you do NOT want to lose, those items should be place inside an Ender Chest or hidden room (Ender Chests are your best protection, as contents are only available to you. Placing Shulker Boxes inside Ender Chests or your player inventory can increase your storage capacity and/or backpack).