Who we are Seeking

This role will work directly with our Founder, and be in charge of other Team Leaders and Support Staff guiding the direction of Team PowerUp. The ideal candidate will be a self-starter with a positive, diplomatic attitude. This role is best for someone who wants to be in charge of an established stream team, implement their own ideas, and who wants PowerUp to flourish.

Our Founder will continue to manage certain aspects of the Team and Community including, but not limited to; Monthly leaderboards, final approval and applications for new sponsors/partners/affiliates, merchandise design, team graphics, and website maintenance. This new Team Leader role will work directly below our Founder and be the primary point of contact for Team PowerUp members and manage the Team almost entirely on their own. The Team Leader will have the following responsibilities:

Top-Level Responsibilties

Dictate the direction of Team PowerUp

  • Recruit, invite & choose who joins Team PowerUp
  • Organize fun community events for the Team like game-nights
  • Organize charity events for the Team to participate it, choose the charities
  • Work with our Team Leaders to organize healthy living events such as '25 Day Challenges'
  • Find sponsors, partners & affiliates for our Team to work with
  • Conduct giveaways for games, subscriptions & merchandise
  • Be a Team Leader - increasing your exposure and community involvement

Decide on what you think would benefit Team PowerUp and bring us into the future, what you envision our Team being (new platforms? e-sports? etc.). Add new things to make Team PowerUp unique, desirable to join and establish longevity. 

Other Responsibilities

Team promotion, growth & content

  • Work with our social media assistant to ensure our Twitter is liking/retweeting Team members content
  • Work with our support staff to regularly monitor our Discord community & promote it
  • Review Team candidate applications, approve/deny candidates
  • Daily Twitter posts for Team members to promote who is live (usually 1 - 2 times per day at times of your choosing)
  • Weekly Twitter posts to promote our sponsors/partners/affiliates
  • Work with our support staff to write blog articles for PowerUp or write your own content on gaming, streaming and/or healthy living

How to Apply

Please contact our Founder, RedLace, directly via DM on Twitter @RedLaceGaming or Discord @RedLace#1878 

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