PowerUp Health

Discord community & stream team inspiring gamers to live healthy

Team Eligibility

We're accepting applications for Team PowerUp

We’re currently seeking experienced, professional streamers for Mixer, Twitch and YouTube who promote a healthy lifestyle, with a positive & interactive vibe, are active in our community and engage in social media. 

Applying is easy, hit that big blue button and tell us how fantastical you are! If you meet our minimum qualifications, your application will be reviewed by a Team Leader, usually within one week. Please be sure you have VODs enabled, so we can review your streams.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must have a Mixer, Twitch or YouTube account; 100 followers
  • Must have a Twitter account; 100 followers
  • Be a member in our Discord Community
  • Must be 18 years of age or older

Other things we look for

  • Positive, friendly and interactive, on and off camera
  • Has a professional, quality stream
  • Streams on a regular schedule
  • Advocate for a healthy lifestyle, leading by example
  • Incorporation of healthy habits into live streams
  • Active on Discord & Twitter

Team PowerUp Eligibility Criteria

Once your application is approved, we expect all members to adhere to the following eligibility criteria in order to remain in good standing. 

  • Encourages healthy living through fitness, nutrition and/or mental health on camera
  • Stays active in our Discord Community
  • Stays active on Twitter and uses our hashtag #PwrUp in posts
  • Links to our website from your stream bio with Team PowerUp logo 
  • Adds 'Team @PowerUp_Health' or '#PwrUp' in your Twitter bio
  • Does not smoke or vape on camera (refer to FAQ for details, zero tolerance policy)
  • Listed as Team PowerUp Health on Mixer in 1 of your 3 Team slots (Mixer streamers only)
  • Streams to & Follows the 'PowerUpHealth' Twitch Community (Twitch streamers only)

We encourage our Team members to help us grow our community by opting to do any of the following, though these are not mandatory: 

  • Use our official Team PowerUp graphics (Twitter header, offline banners, etc.)
  • Prefix or Suffix your Twitter display name with [PwrUp]
  • Adds the Team PowerUp logo to your stream overlay
  • Use our clan tag 'PwrU' in-games that allow one
  • Joins the Xbox One Club, PowerUp Health
  • Follows/Subscribes to all our social media (Twitter | YouTube | Instagram)
  • Promotes our Team sponsors using our code 'PWRUP' and our sponsor links regularly
  • Promotes our Patreon for those seeking healthy recipes and nutrition/fitness articles (https://patreon.com/PowerUpHealth)
  • Invites viewers and friends looking to get/stay healthy to join us on Discord with our instant invite link (https://discord.gg/JAYyWX2