Overall Leaders - April 2018

  1. ButterflyEffect 330 points
  2. Quanicus 327 points
  3. RedLaceGaming 314 points
  4. Rorifett 305 points
  5. SirPandaFrost 302 points
  6. MackNJeeves 296 points
  7. WULFBEE 289 points
  8. AncientRituals 288 points
  9. StevenVsStreaming 287 points
  10. poppet 286 points
  11. SirMajinPanda 280 points
  12. KausiBomb 271 points
  13. Ulti 268 points
  14. legolicious 267 points
  15. B1GPAT 265 points


Each month we randomly select a winner from our leaderboards, this month SirMajinPanda took home the prize of GamerSupps from our sponsor and a Team PowerUp sticker. Congrats Majin!!

We track our Team's statistics across Mixer, Twitch, Twitter, and Discord each month. The leaderboard is based on multiple factors total stream followers (40%), stream growth (30%), discord participation (20%) and total twitter followers (10%). Discord participation is calculated on your amount of activity per month using MeeBot and XP earned.


Our Team is Raising the Bar!

We'd like to share some fun stats from our Team's hard work! As a Team;

  • 64,740 Followers on Mixer & Twitch
  • 13,961 New Followers in April
  • 37% of us gain 200+ followers per month
  • 90% of our Team has over 300 followers
  • 71% of our Team has over 500 followers
  • 32% of our Team has over 1,000 followers
  • 10% of our Team are Mixer Partners
  • 32,846 Twitter Followers
  • 44% has over 500 Twitter Followers

New T-Shirt Designs

Shop our Design By Humans store to grab the latest PowerUp swag. We have added four new designs to our store in a variety of colors and styles for men and women. Purchases help support our community.

FrostedGlass Charity Event

Last month, our own TheMightyCaptainFrost held a 12 hour charity stream on May 5, 2018 from 9 AM to 9 PM (PST) for Extra Life for Kids playing in support of BC Children's Hospital Foundation.

If you missed the event and would like to make a donation, please visit Extra Life for Kids.

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Win a FREE Green Screen

You can currently enter to win a FREE green screen from our sponsor The WebAround. Offering an instant background solution to raise your game & improve your stream.


They offer affordable, easy to use, wrinkle-free, fuss-free solutions with no clamps or bars required. Simply pull it out of your bag and pop it on your chair to use. When you finish, fold it up and put it back in the bag. Watch our own RedLaceGaming's review and how to fold your WebAround: youtu.be/_Trphjp_bXQ

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Win a FREE PowerUp Sticker

Currently, all Team PowerUp members are eligible to enter to win a 2.5" x 2.5" die cut sticker from StickerMule. Head on over to our Discord and enter to win now, 2 winners will be selected next week!

Tales of Maj'Eyal: Forbidden Cults Teaser

Last month, we gave away a free copy of the game Tales of Maj'Eyal along with early access to the upcoming DLC Forbidden Cults over on our Discord. Congratulations itsToofy who won!!

Humble Bundle

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Apply for Team PowerUp

PowerUp is looking for amazing streamers for Mixer and Twitch to represent the PowerUp Health community. We’re currently seeking experienced, professional streamers for Mixer and Twitch who promote a healthy lifestyle, with a positive & interactive vibe, are active in our Discord community and engage in social media. Apply Now!

Styles for Adults, Kids & Infants

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New Faces of PowerUp

Please give a warm welcome to our newest members of Team PowerUp! We are excited to have each of you join our ranks.


Vegan streamer playing Xbox & PC, amateur chef & trailhead. Drop him a follow at Mixer.com/Thuurston 


Variety streamer, positive stay at home mom living a healthy lifestyle and sharing tips for raising a child.. Drop her a follow Mixer.com/aimeestrasza


Variety streamer primarily on Xbox One, UMD graduate who aspires to be a homicide detective and semi-pro soccer player who loves gaming! Drop him a follow Mixer.com/KarimxxCheese


Mixer Partner, food literacry educator and urban farmer streaming IRL cooking, gardening and crafting. Drop her a follow Mixer.com/hardcoresandals


Friendly, welcoming & inclusive variety streamer striving to challenge stereotypes in mental health and women in games. Strong advocate for diversity in gaming. Drop her a follow Mixer.com/AttackOnGeek

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Congrats to Team PowerUp

We'd like to congratulate the following Team PowerUp streamers for reaching their goals this past month. Keep up the good work Team & Raise That Game!

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