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Alright everyone, gather around!  This week’s State of the Game was short and sweet and featured a special guest:

Terry Spier, Creative Director at Red Storm Entertainment!

He dropped by to talk about the latest patch and some of it’s upcoming changes.  So without further ado, here’s the recap!

Patch 1.8.3

We have confirmed that patch 1.8.3 will be released after maintenance on August 23, 2018.  The patch will include several bug fixes and game changes, including the Striker gear set nerf.

Bug Fixes:


  • Aim glitch where Showstopper would autoaim to an enemy’s head even when the player aims at center mass
  • RPM glitch where timing trigger pulls resulted in faster firing

Running In Place

  • A glitch that would cause a player to appear to run in place if, after being cleansed of a status effect by an immunizer, they used any skill in the time period that the status effect would have lasted

Game Changes:

Healing Stations

  • 33% health restore will no longer occur when player manually destroys station

Striker NERF

  • Changes only in effect while in Dark Zone, Last Stand, or Skirmish
  • 5 piece bonus: Every hit will now add 1 stack instead of 2.  Healing rate is reduced
  • 6 piece bonus: Additional 1% stack is not applied

Terry Spier said that during testing of the Striker changes, Predator’s Mark and Lonestar seemed to be effective counters.

Quality of Life:

  • Rainbow 6 Commendation
  • Exotics can be used in place of gray items to meet the requirements

New Shield

Today marks the release of the newest Shield: Phoenix.  This is a Survival game mode based Shield and requires:

  • Survive for 5 hours (cumulative)
  • Kill 5 Hunters
  • Extract 5 items

To celebrate the release of Phoenix, the Survival DLC is FREE from today until maintenance on August 23, 2018!

Happy hunting, agents!

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