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Hey everyone!  This week’s State of the Game was full of a lot of great news on upcoming improvements and events!  Here’s the recap!

HVT Double Rewards Weekend

This weekend, August 08 to August 12, 2018, all rewards from both Daily and Weekly HVT targets is doubled!  This is a good time to work on the Deadeye Shield if you haven’t already.

Happy looting, agents!

Phoenix Shield Announced

On Thursday, August 08, 2018, the latest shield is being released! Phoenix is a Survival DLC based shield which requires you to:

  • Extract 5 items
  • Survive 5 hours
  • Kill 5 hunters

Don’t have the Survival DLC?  No worries! Survival will be FREE from 08/16 to 08/23!

Patch 1.8.3

There is no release date being announced and there will be no PTS (public test server) for this patch.  Included in this patch will be:

  • Showstopper bug fixes
  • Running In Place bug fix
  • Striker Classified Gear Set nerf
  • Rainbow 6 Commendation fix - Exotics will be able to replace grey item requirement.

August Global Event

There will be a Global Event in August, and it will be Strike!

Strike Modifiers:

  • Strike - Always active; enemies explode after a delay when killed
  • Pre-emptive Strike - Strike behavior, plus sustained incoming damage triggers a small explosion on Agents.
  • Tactical Strike - Pre-emptive Strike behavior, plus enemies are marked using Strike explosions. When killed, they damage remaining enemies. Ally-to-Ally explosion damage is increased.


  • Classic - Complete a Strike mission without taking explosion damage from an ally during Tactical Strike on Hard difficulty or above in World Tier 5
  • Jungle - Kill 150 Riker Bosses during Strike
  • Rider - Complete a Strike activity without taking any explosion damage during Pre-emptive or Tactical Strike on Hard difficulty or above in World Tier 5

Gear Sets:

  • Path of the Nomad
  • D3-FNC
  • Predator’s Mark
  • Banshee


  • Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint
  • Lexington Event Center
  • Times Square Power Relay
  • WarrenGate Power Plant
  • Stolen Signal

Happy hunting, agents!


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